Note to Obama and Santos: appeasing thugs NEVER works

The Venezuela-Colombian border crisis should have been a fantastic opportunity to put the Venezuelan narco-regime on notice. Instead it serves as show case on how the appeasement policies of Obama and Santos are sinking fast.

The crisis was an absolutely artificial creation of the Venezuelan regime, increasingly taxed by its faults. As polls plummet for the regime when crucial elections are scheduled for December 6, this one has done all what it can to sabotage them. One offensive was to go straight ahead and jail major opposition figures, bar from running other, gerrymander further the districts, increase censorship and try to bankrupt the scant remaining free press. Elections? Sure! Just try to campaign! However it was an uphill battle to regain the favor of its electors, the only real way to win elections. Since the economy has tanked there is only one option left to rekindle the love of the chavista voter: chauvinistic nationalism, redundancy intended.

First there was a renewed anti US anti Obama drive. This one floundered when Havana and Washington started real talks and petered out at the recent OAS general assembly when Maduro got to see Obama without cameras for a brief moment, long enough for Obama to talk him down.

It seems thus that the "millions" of anti Obama signatures "freely collected" and validated without scruples by the "electoral authorities" were not enough to raise polls for a durable hold. So Maduro sought a conflict with Guyana over maritime and territorial claims. The only result of that came with a further loss of the Venezuelan case; and that the supposedly meek supporters of Venezuela in CARICOM went Guyana way without batting an eyelash. Isolation is thy name, Maduro.

Having been defeated in the imaginary northern border with the US of A and the Eastern border of Guyana there were only two borders left. The one in the South with Brazil is far and dicey although it seems the regime will try something. But the Western border with Colombia was ripe with existing excuses, or fertile grounds to plant new ones.

There are all sorts of theories on how the pretext came about. Some say that it all started from a rivalry between two narco-gangs in Venezuela, the one of the "Soles" and the one of "Guajira", both pointed out as being at least partially controlled by different wings of the army. Others say that it was a mere rivalry between gangs controlling the heavy contraband system towards Colombia, courtesy of the artificially deflated prices of Venezuelan goods. Others advance that it was a way to get rid of Tachira governor rumored to be in talks with "transition" proposals. Some even go as far as saying the whole show is just to put pressure on Santos who may extradite to the US compromising witnesses of the narco-regime in Caracas. None of these pretexts exclude the others, by the way.

Clearly, something as crazed as that, with damning images of human rights abuses as Colombians in Venezuela are rudely expelled when not leaving in a hurry motu proprio, should have been a bonus, a golden opportunity for Colombian and US diplomacy to read a writ to Venezuela. Unfortunately the errors of Santos and Obama policies toward Venezuela's regime are now paid, most likely under Cuban direction. Which have been these mistakes?

Obama's mistakes come from opening to Cuba without proper reciprocity.  Thinking that making the first step toward a totalitarian regime will bring concessions is a mistake that the West should have learned once and for all in 1938 while drinking beer in Munich. Certainly I approved of Obama's initiatives since everything else tried before by the US has failed; more by lack of will than actual vices or virtues of any legislation. But one thing is to approve the initial gesture, another thing is to approve the mechanism chosen. The result is that as soon as Cuba realized that the big bucks were not coming fast the Castro's regime started increasing repression and moving its pieces elsewhere. Extortion is the natural state for these people and that Obama and Kerry thought it would be different this time around is simply bedeviling.

The second mistake was sending Shannon to discuss with Maduro and Cabello without anything in exchange. Or so it seems so far. True, it is supposed that the release of half a dozen of political prisoners would be a result of that, along the call for elections which was suspiciously delayed. But the released prisoners are under house arrest and suffer all sorts of impediments while elections can be cancelled even on election day. The real result of these "negotiations" is that thug in chief, Diosdado Cabello, pointed out by many as a drug capo, feels vindicated and now indispensable. So as any good thug would do he has increased his attacks on people who dare criticize him, has decided to bankrupt once and for all the remaining free newspapers, and more. So much for Shannon effectiveness.

Colombia's president, Santos, mistakes started 5 years ago when he "befriended Chavez".  It has been downhill since. Chavez under a reprieve as Uribe's parting shot was exposing all FARC training camp inside Venezuela, played nice and stroked Santos ego in that he could indeed bring the FARC to serious negotiations after having been the Uribe's defense minister in charge of blowing them out. Which he nearly did, by the way and may have been able to complete had he wanted to. Under the excuse that Venezuela's role was crucial to the eventual success of Havana's Santos-FARC talks, the Santos administration made all sorts of concessions to the Venezuelan regime, most despicably by handing over to Caracas drug kingpins and political exiles.

Sure enough the FARC is playing Santos through and though. Its first success was to force Santos into a difficult reelection. This conservative, liberal right president has had to ally himself to the fading left of Colombia to get reelected and thus he has unnecessarily promoted its recovery. After reelection the FARC has become even more belligerent, and now it is trying to use the border crisis offering itself as the best guarantor against contraband and the alleged paramilitary infiltration inside Venezuela, as if Venezuela was not the main promoter of paramilitary groups like the colectivos, pranes .....

How can Santos and his ever more idiotic looking foreign minister Holguin whose appeasing smiles and seduction to Maduro are now blowing up to her face have lost the political coup offered to them on a silver tray?

First, the delayed response. Uribe was promptly at the border with Venezuela while Holguin sought a "meeting" with the Venezuelan foreign minister, the insufferable hack sister of Caracas mayor and inventor of all electoral frauds. While Holguin was giving Rodriguez a propaganda platform to accuse Colombia in its own country, the images of Colombians wading the river Tachira with their scarce belongings made front pages.

Santos waited for a week to go to the border and this late in the game he had to go populist and offer all sorts of goodies to calm down the natives. But it was too late, Colombian public opinion was united, and not around Santos. Even ex president Gaviria questioned the participation of Colombia to fakes like UNASUR who clearly do not wish to offend whatsoever the susceptibility of Maduro and co.  To add insult to injury Maduro kept giving fake handouts in Venezuela, declared falsely that scarcity was over thanks to his policies in Tachira, threatened to push the border blockade all along the Venezuelan border and flew to Vietnam. Cabello on his own decided to stir a little bit of trouble with the Brazil border attacking garimpeiros as if did not know they  had been creating ecological devastation since Chavez came to office!

I think that we are assisting to the undoing of Obama and Santos foreign schemes. I, for one, dearly hope that this is all part of a master plan to muzzle once and for all the rogue regimes of Havana and Caracas. But I am not holding my breath whatsoever.

Luckily for Santos and Obama, they do not have to worry about reelection anymore. Others will sort out the debris.

6 Cara Mengatasi Android Yang Lemot Dalam Waktu 5 Menit

mempercepat android yang lemot

Cara mengatasi android lemot — Sobat mungkin terpesona oleh kecepatan kinerja Android sobat saat pertama kali membelinya.

Tapi seiring berjalanya waktu performa HP Android yang sobat pakai tiba-tiba mulai melambat atau bisa di bilang lemot.

Sobat pasti berfikir mungkin ada sesuatu yang salah dengan HP android sobat.

Apa yang sobat fikirkan akan terjawab disini.

Sekarang pertanyaanya adalah, adakah cara mudah untuk mengatasi android yang lemot?

Tenang..... jangan hawatir.

Saya akan berikan beberapa tips terbaik untuk  membantu mempercepat kinerja android sobat lagi.
Beberapa cara mengatasi android yang lemot di bawah ini saya dapat dari komunitas oprek android di google plus dan sudah terbukti berhasil mempercepat kinerja android saya.
Sobat mungkin akan menemukan hal-hal yang 180 derajat berbeda dengan cara mengatasi android yang lemot di website lain yang mungkin sudah pernah sobat baca.

Selalu update aplikasi android ke versi terbaru.

Ini adalah salah satu cara mengatasi android lemot yang pernah saya baca dan langsung saya terapkan di android saya.

Sobat tau hasilnya apa?


Update OS android memang diperlukan tapi update aplikasi ke versi terbaru itu tidak terlalu penting.

Justru cara mengatasi android yang lemot tersebut membuat android saya semakin lambat.

Kenapa bisa demikian?

Setelah saya pelajari berulang-ulang kali, barulah saya dapat jawabanya.

Alasan kenapa update aplikasi android ke versi terbaru bisa membuat kinerja android kita lemot adalah ukuran file aplikasi versi terbaru lebih besar dari versi sebelumnya.

update aplikasi
Kiri versi lama, kanan versi baru

Itu membuat ruang penyimpanan semakin sedikit dan akan semakin memperlambat kinerja android kita.

Masuk akal kan ?

Sobat bisa lihat review dari orang-orang yang sudah melakukan update sebuah aplikasi ke versi terbaru di bawah ini.

review aplikasi lambat

Ternyata banyak sekali orang yang kecewa setelah update aplikasi ke versi terbaru.

Untuk solusinya, jika sobat ingin update sebuah aplikasi pilihlah aplikasi yang benar-benar sobat butuhkan untuk di update ke versi terbaru.

Ingat...! bukan aplikasi yang sobat inginkan tapi aplikasi yang Benar-benar sobat butuhkan.

Itulah alasan kenapa update aplikasi ke versi terbaru akan membuat kinerja android kita semakin lemot.

Sekarang kita menuju ke pokok permasalahanya :

Hampir setiap ponsel Android di pasaran memiliki kelemahan di beberapa titik.

Itu hal yang sangat wajar.

Karena mungkin untuk menciptakan HP android yang sempurna dibutuhkan waktu dan biaya yang tidak sedikit.

Sobat mungkin merasa saat ini membuka sebuah aplikasi membutuhkan waktu yang lebih lama dari pada dulu.

Adanya lag yang menyebabkan kecepatan respon aplikasi mulai berkurang.

Untuk mengatasi hal tersebut, Sobat bisa coba 6 cara ini.

Cara mengatasi android lemot

1. Identifikasi masalah

Hal pertama yang harus dilakukan untuk mempercepat kinerja android sobat kembali adalah mencari tahu penyebab lemotnya android sobat

Apakah sebuah aplikasi, beberapa aplikasi, ataukah sistem android sobat sendiri penyebabnya.

Sobat harus teliti saat melakukan identifikasi agar performa android sobat bisa kembali seperti semula.

Setelah sobat tahu masalah yang membuat lemot android sobat, Lanjutkan ke solusi selanjutnya di bawah ini.

2. Memory Terlalu Penuh

Cara mengatasi android lemot yang kedua adalah mencegah penuhnya memory internal di android sobat.

Ini masalah yang sudah saya jelaskan di atas tadi soal update aplikasi android ke versi terbaru.

Aplikasi yang terlalu banyak juga akan memenuhi ruang penyimpanan android sobat.

Padahal sebuah smartphone memerlukan ruang untuk bernapas agar bisa menjalankan suatu proses dengan cepat.

Jika memory terlalu penuh, maka kinerja android sobat akan mulai lemot.

Ini hal pertama yang harus di hindari oleh semua pemilik HP android.

Periksa berapa banyak ruang yang tersisa di pengaturan penyimpanan.

Salah satu cara yang paling mudah untuk membebaskan ruang penyimpanan adalah menghapus aplikasi yang tidak di perlukan.

Jangan terlalu banyak menyimpan aplikasi karena akan berdampak buruk bagi kinerja android sobat.

Banyak aplikasi yang telah diinstal menggunakan cache data dalam upaya untuk mempercepat operasi android sobat.

Hal ini sangat efektif tapi hanya sampai batas tertentu saja.

Jika cache data terlalu penuh maka bukan mempercepat oprasi tetapi justru akan membuat lemot android sobat.

Untuk mengatasi android yang lemot karena cache data terlalu penuh, sobat hanya perlu menghapus cache data tersebut saja.

Cara menghapusnya, sobat bisa masuk ke pengaturan lalu pilih penyimpanan setelah itu pilih hapus cache data.

hapus cache data

Sekarang sobat bisa lihat ruang penyimpanan yang tersisa.

Lebih banyak dari sebelumnya bukan...?

Sobat juga bisa menonaktifkan aplikasi bawaan android jika tidak digunakan.

Jika Android sobat sudah memiliki akses Root maka akan dengan mudah menyingkirkan aplikasi bawaan android yang tidak terpakai.

Jika belum, maka sobat bisa pelajari caranya di Cara root android tanpa PC hanya dengan satu kali klik

3. Kurangi widget

Widget yang sobat pasang di layar home mungkin sangat berguna bagi sobat.

Tetapi perlu sobat ketahui bahwa widget tersebut juga bisa memperlambat kinerja android sobat.

Karena saat data aktif, semua widget yang sobat pasang akan berjalan bersamaan.

Misalnya sobat memasang widget cuaca dan widget Facebook di layar home.

Saat data aktif maka widget cuaca akan memperbarui ke kondisi cuaca terkini.

Sedangkan widget facebook akan memperbarui status facebook terkini juga.

Karena berjalan bersamaan maka otomatis RAM yang di pakai akan semakin besar.

Apalagi versi androidnya lebih tua seperti ginggerbread dan jellybean yang hanya memiliki kapasitas RAM yang pas-pasan, pastinya android tersebut akan bertambah lemot.

Coba sobat bayangkan, jika android sobat adalah seorang manusia yang melakukan banyak tugas dalam waktu bersamaan.

Apakah tugas tersebut akan selesai dengan cepat?

Tentu saja tidak !

Apalagi manusianya lebih tua, pastinya memerlukan banyak waktu untuk melakukan tugas tersebut.

Bahkan manusia yang lebih muda pun akan mengalami kesulitan jika harus melakukan banyak tugas di satu waktu.

Nah itulah alasan kenapa widget dapat mempengaruhi kinerja android sobat menjadi sangat lambat.

Cara mengatasi android lemot yang ketiga ini sangat mudah dilakukan.

Jika sobat memiliki banyak widget di layar home yang tidak benar-benar sobat perlukan maka lebih baik di hapus saja.

Tidak ada salahnya memiliki banyak widget, tetapi itu akan membuat kinerja android sobat menjadi semakin lemot.

4. Tutup aplikasi dan bebaskan RAM

Membuka aplikasi secara bersamaan tanpa menutup aplikasi yang sebelumnya akan berdampak buruk pada kecepatan android sobat.

Multi-tasking memang memudahkan kita untuk beralih dari satu aplikasi ke aplikasi lain tapi akan membuat kinerja android sobat semakin lemot.

Jadi lebih baik tutup aplikasi yang sobat buka sebelumnya. setelah itu barulah jalankan aplikasi lainya.

Untuk membebaskan lebih banyak RAM sobat bisa gunakan aplikasi clean master yang ada di playstore.

Hanya satu kali tab maka RAM akan dengan mudah di tingkatkan.

Atau sobat bisa cari sendiri pengaturan untuk peningkat RAM bawaan android.

Jika sobat memiliki android asus zenfone, maka sobat akan dengan mudah menemukan peningkat RAM di bagian status bar.

Peningkat RAM

5. Animasi layar dan transisi

Launcher apa yang sobat pakai?

Bawaan android ataukah kustom launcher dari playstore?

Berbagai animasi layar dan efek transisi pada suatu launcher mungkin terlihat indah dan menakjubkan.

Tetapi animasi layar dan efek pada launcher juga bisa mempengaruhi kinerja android sobat.

Jadi cara untuk mengatasi android lemot karena animasi layar dan efek transisi, yang harus sobat lakukan adalah me-non aktifkan animasi layar dan efek pada launcher yang sobat pakai.

Untuk me-nonaktifkan animasi dan efek transisi keseluruhan pada android, sobat bisa lakukan cara ini.

  • Masuk ke pengaturan, gulir ke bawah, pilih about phone.
  • Cari software information dan pilih nomor bentukan atau built number dan tekan tujuh kali sampai sobat melihat Developer Options telah diaktifkan.
  • Kembali ke Pengaturan dan pilih opsi pengembang
  • Gulir ke bawah dan cari skala animasi jendela, Set ke 'Off'.
  • Tekan skala durasi animator dan set ke 'Off' juga

Mengapa skala animasi jendela dan skala durasi animator harus di set ke Off?

set animasi ke off

Ingin tahu rahasianya?

Berikut adalah penjelasan dari kedua pengaturan tersebut.

Apakah Skala Animasi Jendela Itu?

Skala animasi jendela adalah lamanya waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk memunculkan jendela "popup" pada android.

Jika diatur ke '10x' misalnya, akan membutuhkan waktu yang lama untuk memunculkan jendela popup tersebut.

Untuk melihatnya sendiri, sobat bisa mengatur Skala Jendela Animasi ke '10x'.

skala animasi jendela

Coba kembali ke pengaturan dan kemudian kembali lagi ke opsi pengembang.

Sobat akan melihat jendela popup yang berjalan sangat lambat.

Sekarang, kembali dan set skala jendela animasi ke 'Off' lalu coba lagi.

Jauh lebih cepat, kan?

Apakah Skala Transisi Animasi Itu?

Skala Transisi animasi pada dasarnya adalah suatu hal yang sama, tetapi untuk transisi suatu layar.

Seperti perpindahan antara satu aplikasi ke aplikasi lain, atau ketika meluncurkan sebuah aplikasi dari layar awal.

Yang satu ini sangat mudah dimengerti.

Set ke '10x' dan tekan tombol home.
Butuh waktu lama, ya?

Sekarang, set ke 'Off' dan nikmati transisi android yang sangat cepat.

Apakah Skala Durasi Animator Itu?

Ini adalah pilihan ketiga dalam daftar animasi yang mungkin tidak banyak orang yang mengerti fungsinya.

Mengubah pengaturan skala durasi animator kelihatanya tidak membuat perbedaan apa-apa dalam hal kecepatan.

Jadi apakah Skala Durasi Animasi itu?

Tenang sobat, saya akan jelaskan semuanya.

Pada dasarnya skala durasi animasi hanya untuk mengontrol kecepatan 'loading' animasi.

Jika sobat ingin mencobanya, set ke '10x' dan buka aplikasi YouTube (atau aplikasi lain yang memakan waktu lebih dari satu detik untuk loading).

Sobat bisa lihat animasi melingkar saat loading youtube terlihat melambat.

Jika sobat mengaturnya ke 'Off' dan meluncurkan YouTube lagi (pastikan recent aplikasi youtube sudah di hapus agar tidak tersimpan dalam cache) maka akan terlihat bahwa tidak ada beban sama sekali pada animasi lingkaran tersebut.

Apakah sudah jelas?

Pastinya sudah dong....

Jadi pengaturan animasi di atas bertujuan untuk mengatur animasi transisi dan juga jendela popup agar terasa lebih cepat.

6. Restart Android

Ingin perbaikan cepat dan sederhana untuk android yang lemot ?

Coba cara mengatasi android lemot yang mudah ini.

Hanya dengan restart, android sobat akan membersihkan cache yang tersimpan dengan sendirinya.

Dan juga akan menghentikan tugas yang berjalan.

Dengan begitu android sobat akan mendapatkan kecepatanya kembali.

Lakukan cara ini setelah melakukan 5 langkah di atas.

Cukup dengan menahan tombol power, pilih opsi Restart, dan kemudian tekan OK untuk mengkonfirmasi.

Itulah 6 cara mengatasi android lemot dengan mudah.

Apabila sobat sudah melakukan semua panduan diatas tapi masih belum membuahkan hasil, sobat harus coba cara pamungkas ini :

Reset Android Agar Kembali Seperti Baru

Punya permasalahan di android yang tak kunjung selesai? Jika sobat baru menggunakan hp android, pasti sobat akan kebingungan untuk mengatasinya. Padahal sangat mudah sekali mengatasi semua permasalahan yang ada di android. Dengan panduan ini sobat akan belajar bagaimana cara mengatasi android yang lemot atau bermasalah menjadi seperti baru lagi hanya dengan melakukan RESET.

Kalau sobat menggunakan cara ini untuk mempercepat HP android yang lemot, hasilnya dijamin tidak akan mengecewakan.

Apakah kinerja android sobat sudah terasa lebih cepat sekarang?

Apakah sobat tahu tentang trik ini sebelumnya?

Apakah sobat memiliki tips dan teknik lain yang bisa di gunakan untuk mempercepat kinerja android sobat yang lemot?

Beritahu saya jawabanya melalui kotak komentar di bawah.

Pantun Cinta Lucu Banget

Pantun Cinta Lucu Banget - Tentu sobat tahu pantun bukan? saat masih sekolah, dalam pelajaran bahasa Indonesia, pantun adalah salah satu yang jadi pembahasannya. Pantu merupakan salah satu karya sastra Indonesia yang perlu untuk kita lestarikan. Oleh karena itu, tidak ada salahnya kita saling beradu pantun dengan teman, sahabat, atau pacar. Nah, untuk kali inu, kita akan membahas mengenai pantun

Kumpulan Pantun Nasehat

Kumpulan Pantun Nasehat -  Pantun nasehat
merupakan salah satu sarana untuk menyampaikan pesan bijak yang berisi muatan teguran atau nashehat serta peringatan dengan dibalut gaya sastra ala melayu yang tentunya akan lebih enak didengar. Menampilkan petuah atau nasehat melalui pantun selain tak berkesan menggurui, namun juga mempunyai nilai seni yang enak didengar telinga orang yang dituju tanpa

And it all came to that

Almost as a rule the end of revolutions and their ersatz is equally appalling. True revolutions like the French one (9 Thermidor) or the Russian one (Kulak starvation) have a moment that mark the end of ideal and the bloody start of a very long path to stability. Ersatz are lucky if they have a semi grand moment but as a rule end up in ridicule if they are lucky (Peron). But some end up in infamy, betraying any possible justification they had at their start. This is the case of this fakest of all revolutions, the bolivarian of Chavez which is slowly petering its way to infamy.

Closed border, people in check. Why?

I suppose some would make a case for April 2002 as "the grand moment". But it was not, a mere failed coup and a failed Restoration which yielded a shit faced Chavez that decided to surrender to the Castros in Cuba to get what he really wanted: life presidency. It worked, he died in office.

That first farcical but how damaging moment of April 2002 got a pricey oil enhanced stint which led to the 2007 referendum failure. For me it was the end, no revolution can survive when its idealistic and creative base deserts it, or rather turns against it as Venezuelan campus were never fervent Chavez supporters, even in his first couple of years.
Student and his bookcase?

From 2007 on it was all predictable: the pseudo revolution morphed into an autocratic regime that added insult to injury by becoming a narco state and henceforth the most corrupt and violent country in the Americas. By far.

I thought that we had seen it all, that we had accepted the fact that under Maduro we entered the outright dictatorship phase of the regime. A cross between Peron, sans Evita, with the Burma never ending military thuggery. Heck, with Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado we are even getting a bi-cephalic version of Aung San Suu Kyi.

But no, we had to go into such infamy as creating a refugee crisis worse than the one in Europe right now, worse because even if much smaller it is absolutely unjustified, absolutely unnecessary, invented in full by dark conspiracies and likely drug war cartels fighting for turf control. These dark forces have had no qualm to use a state conflict to solve their own internal problems, harking back to imperial models of having the natives fight it ought for the honor of being directly under the toe of the colonial master. Chavismo there cannot even match the epic of Tlaxcala or the complexity of Plassey.

That is not all. There are no people drowning in the Mediterranean but poor Colombians wading in a shallow river with the lone bag they were allowed to carry. No real fences like in Hungary but a mere cattle guard here and there.

Even in infamy chavismo is so tacky, so venial, so corrupt that it cannot create a moment of epic or even true outrage. The word is taking its time in condemning the regime abuses on the Colombians it unjustly expels because they are mesmerized by the fact the regime is seriously wanting them to believe that these scared house wives wading dirty water are the cause of all of Venezuela trouble.

But one thing is not missing, fascism. In addition of all sort of promoted tweet support the regime has even produced Colombians supporting the abuse. A tropical Nazi paradise cannot be that far away.

Refugee camp and a meager army to push them away, not even
allowing them to go the next bridge...
And so it all came up to that. A revolution that claimed to unite a whole continent for the liberation of all of its people against real or imaginary empires ends up in a whimper, ostracizing, jewing up a population that cannot be distinguished at all from the one across the border or from the one they have been living among since there is historical memory.

Apartheid worse, R on houses that have been "revised" searched.
Some have a D for scheduled demolition.
Chavismo is now, like its founder, a corpse. We just need to find an undertaker.

First video Maduro says horrors about Colombians and states that Colombians come to Venezuelan Bolivarian Paradise just like from Africa migrants go to Europe. Pathetic, the more so he is from Cucuta so we have there his subconscious betraying him in not wanting to be Colombian, like some kid in Austria, you know.

In this one the goebbelian frau Rodriguez says that all is an invention, that nothing is going on at the border, that the scenes are invented. Both videos promptly posted by the people of Maria Corina Machado apparently FROM international footage of news. Footage that is of course not shown on Venezuelan TV.

Cara Termudah Root Android Tanpa PC Untuk Segala Jenis HP Android

framaroot root android tanpa PC

Root Android Tanpa PC — Jika sobat pernah membaca panduan tentang cara root android Tanpa PC, satu hal yang pasti ditekankan adalah akses root akan menghilangkan garansi android sobat.

Jika sobat bukan ahli Android, ide bermain-main dengan sistem android dapat sedikit menakutkan.

Karena bisa saja Root android yang sobat lakukan gagal dan tidak menutup kemungkinan android sobat akan brick atau mati.

Tapi bagaimana jika saya mengatakan hal yang berbeda?

Ya.. ! Hal yang 100% berbeda dari panduan cara root android yang pernah sobat baca.

Apa yang berbeda dari panduan ini ?

Jawabanya :

Root android dengan cara ini sangat mudah, bisa dilakukan tanpa PC dan laptop.

Lupakan prosedur rumit seperti harus menggunakan Odin, mencari pemulihan flashable, dan semua yang biasanya di lakukan saat akan melakukan Root pada android.

Kini Root perangkat android tidak lagi menakutkan seperti yang sobat fikir, dan itu membuat android sobat  lebih mudah disesuaikan seperti yang di inginkan.

Memang sudah sifatnya manusia ingin yang instan dan gak mau ribet.

Untuk itu ada 4 aplikasi yang bisa di gunakan untuk Root android tanpa PC.

Sobat bisa coba salah satu dari 4 aplikasi ini untuk melakukan root pada android sobat.

Jadi sobat tidak akan merasa root android itu ribet, bahkan akan lebih mudah dari yang sobat bayangkan.

Sekarang kita akan bahas cara root android tanpa PC menggunakan 4 aplikasi tersebut.

Yuk langsung saja kita menuju ke TKP.

Cara Root Android Tanpa PC Dengan Framaroot

Sebelumnya kita harus berterimakasih kepada teman-teman di XDA Developer, karena merekalah aplikasi Framaroot ini tercipta.

Dengan aplikasi framaroot proses root android tanpa PC menjadi lebih mudah. Tidak peduli android jellybean,kitkat, ataupun lolipop bisa menggunakan aplikasi root android terbaik ini, dan hanya membutuhkan 3 langkah saja untuk memulainya.
Note : Periksa terlebih dahulu apakah perangkat android sobat Kompatible dengan aplikasi framaroot ini.
Jika dirasa sudah kompatible, sobat bisa lanjut ke langkah berikutnya.

Seperti yang sudah saya bilang tadi bahwa cara root android tanpa PC dengan aplikasi framaroot ini hanya membutuhkan 3 langkah mudah saja.

Sudah siap?

Mari kita mulai root android tanpa PC ini ke....

  • Langkah pertama : Download aplikasi framaroot dan instal
  • Langkah kedua : Buka aplikasi framaroot.

Normalnya jika Hp android sobat kompatible maka framaroot akan langsung terbuka.

Tapi jika framaroot tidak cocok dengan HP sobat maka akan ada pesan kesalahan "Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot".

Setelah framaroot terbuka kemudian pilihSuperSU/Superuser sesuai dengan keinginan sobat.

framaroot root android tanpa PC

Akan ada pilihan aragorn dan gandalf.

 root android tanpa PC

Banyak yang bilang kedua pilihan tersebut sama.

Itu salah besar.

memang gandalf dan aragorn bisa digunakan untuk melakukan root android tanpa PC tapi keduanya dikhususkan untuk HP android yang berbeda.

Seperti yang dikatakan oleh sang developer ALEPHZAIN bahwa :

Gandalf hanya kompatible dengan perangkat Android "Qualcomm".

Dan untuk aragorn hanya kompatible untuk perangkat "Exynos".

Tapi kebanyakan HP android menggunakan chipset qualcomm jadi sebaiknya sobat pilih Gandalf.

Tunggu sampai semua proses selesai. Jika berhasil akan muncul notifikasi seperti ini

framaroot root android tanpa PC

  • Langkah ketiga : Restart Android sobat, lalu pastikan aplikasi SuperSU atau Superuser muncul di Android sobat.

framaroot root android tanpa PC

Mudah bukan ?

Hanya dengan 3 langkah mudah sobat sudah bisa melakukan root android tanpa PC dengan aplikasi framaroot ini.

HP android yang berhasil di root menggunakan framaroot

  • Samsung Galaxy Core GT-I8262
  • Samsung Galaxy S Aviator
  • Samsung Galaxy S M110S
  • Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6312/GT-S6310
  • Smartfren Andromax U
  • Smartfren Andromax i2
  • Sony Xperia E C1505/Dual C1605
  • Sony Xperia L C210X
  • Xiaomi Mi-2S

Cara Root Android Tanpa PC Dengan Aplikasi Root Genius

root android tanpa pc

Nah, ada lagi cara root android tanpa pc selain menggunakan framaroot.

Aplikasi ini tidak kalah mudahnya digunakan untuk Root jika dibandingkan dengan Framaroot.

Bedanya adalah aplikasi Root Genius ini menggunakan bahasa yang kurang kita mengerti. 

Tapi sobat tenang saja.

Saya akan memberi panduan lengkap cara root android tanpa PC dengan menggunakan aplikasi Root Genius ini.

Sudah siap?

Berikut adalah Langkah-Langkah Root Android tanpa PC menggunakan aplikasi Root Genius :

  • Hal pertama yang harus sobat lakukan adalah Download dan pasang aplikasi Root Genius Disini.
  • Buka Aplikasi Root Genius lalu tekan lingkaran di dalam aplikasi Root Genius.

root android tanpa pc

  • Tunggu hingga ada permintaan "Install Aplikasi Root." Pilih Setuju atau install.
  • Setelah selesai, akan muncul gambar jempol dalam aplikasi ini.

root android tanpa pc

  • Reboot android sobat

Nah, Setelah itu lihat apakah ada aplikasi Kinguser di Menu aplikasi android sobat. 

root android tanpa pc

Jika ada berarti root android tanpa PC ini berhasil dan sukses.

Mudah bukan?

HP android yang berhasil di root menggunakan Root Genius

  • Galaxy Young S6310
  • K Touch Okta
  • Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Advan S3A
  • Advan S4A
  • Mito A75
  • Galaxy S Advance i9070

Cara Root Android Tanpa PC Menggunakan Aplikasi Kingroot

Jika 2 aplikasi sebelumnya tidak berhasil untuk me root android sobat, coba aplikasi root android tanpa PC yang ke 3 ini.

KingRoot adalah alat yang luar biasa untuk "orang malas" yang ingin mendapatkan akses root dengan mudah hanya dengan sekali klik.

Kingroot adalah salah satu aplikasi root paling terkenal di Cina dan sekarang ada versi bahasa Inggris nya lho. Sekali lagi kita harus berterimakasih kepada member XDA Developer karena merekalah yang membuat versi bahasa inggris dari kingroot.

Jika sobat sudah tidak sabar lagi ingin melakukan root pada android sobat, langsung saja ikuti panduan cara root android tanpa PC dengan aplikasi kingroot ini.

  • Hal yang pertama di lakukan tentunya Download dulu aplikasi KingRoot dalam perangkat android sobat.
  • Setelah itu Instal dan buka aplikasi Kingroot yang sudah sobat download tadi (jangan lupa nyalakan koneksi internet android sobat). Jika koneksi internet lambat maka kingroot tidak akan berjalan dengan baik. Untuk itu gunakan Cara mempercepat koneksi internet android ini
  • Kingroot terlebih dulu akan mendeteksi model dari android sobat.

root android tanpa pc

  • Setelah terdeteksi, akan ada pilihan Try to root lalu klik pilihan try to root tersebut.
  • Kemudian tunggu proses rooting selesai
  • Selanjutnya, sobat akan melihat tanda centang hijau pada lingkaran putih, yang menandakan proses rooting telah selesai

root android tanpa pc

  • Setelah itu reboot android sobat.

Cek apakah ada aplikasi kinguser di android sobat.
Jika ada, berarti selamat android sobat sudah di root dengan aplikasi kingroot.

Cara Root Android Tanpa PC Dengan Aplikasi Towelroot

root android tanpa pc

Masih ada satu lagi aplikasi yang bisa sobat gunakan untuk melakukan root pada android sobat tanpa menggunakan PC.

Towelroot adalah aplikasi untuk root yang juga tak kalah mudahnya di gunakan untuk root android sobat.

Ingin langsung melakukan root android tanpa PC?

Inilah langkah-langkahnya

1. Download dulu Towelroot nya

2. Install dan buka aplikasinya 

3. Tekan tombol “make it ra1n”

root android tanpa pc

4. Tunggu beberapa saat, hp akan me-restart dengan sendirinya.

5. Install SuperSU (bisa cari di google play)

Selamat android sobat sudah berhasil di root.

HP android yang berhasil di root dengan Towelroot

  • AT & T Galaxy S5
  • Verizon Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Nexus 5
  • AT & T Galaxy Note 3
  • Verizon Galaxy Note 3

Sekarang giliran sobat membuktikan keampuhan 4 aplikasi untuk root android ini.

Cara ini lebih mudah dilakukan jika di bandingkan cara root android dengan pc.

Apakah sobat sudah sukses menggunakan salah satu dari ke 4 aplikasi root tersebut?

Jika sobat mengalami kesulitan dalam proses Root android tanpa PC ini, jangan malu-malu untuk bertanya.

Dan jika berhasil melakukan root android dengan salah satu dari 4 aplikasi di atas, beritahu saya ya di kotak komentar.

Will it hold?

It seems that creating an unjustified "state of emergency" at the border with Colombia has accelerated talk of regime "change". We have Miguel, or a nice article at the FT (subscription) by Daniel Lansberg or a dire "self-coup" from Oppenheimer at the Miami Herald. Readers of this blog should not be surprised as I have expressed often my doubts at the elections on December 6 would be actually held, or when describing how the country was collapsing steadily.

Rather than going into the macro thing covered extensively elsewhere, let me go first into the micro stuff.

The fact of the matter is that shelves of non controlled products at grocery stores are getting empty. As for the controlled stuff when it arrives, it is in insufficient quantities, immediately sold, often among some trouble and even looting outside of Caracas as the situation there is much worse.  But this you already knew, it's just that it's getting worse by the day.

But scarcity of food and medicine is just the apparent face.  The reality is much worse as it is more and more difficult to produce food and medicine. It is not that raw materials are lesser and lesser amounts, it is that working with the limited amounts available is increasingly difficult. Not only spare parts deficiency stop production lines frequently, in addition to raw material erratic deliveries, but insecurity in transport and distribution make the few still producing reluctant to ship far away or to risky areas.

And that is not all. To the above problems you must add a renewed corruption drive where public "servants" now are asking straight to your face cash to perform the duties that they are required to perform by law. Not only inspectors now are blunt about asking you for money or they will close your facility on some dumb excuse that would carry at worst a small fine, but requesting permits for whatever has become an ordeal.

I am not going to give you references for the above: this all is my personal day to day experience. We are helpless in front of it all. There is nowhere to go for redress of any abuse, of any black market activity.

As expected this is having a deleterious effect on the political climate, explaining why the regime is grasping at any excuse to blame others for its failures. It was the "economic war" then it was the irridente Esequibo, today it is Colombia unable to control its borders and promoting paramilitaries even though we ALL KNOW that the huge contraband at the border can only happen because of the connivance or actual help from the Venezuelan military. Tomorrow?  It will get worse as these political shows have a light traction, at best, for the regime's political aims. Polls this week seem to credit that if fair elections were held the opposition is above 20% the regime and up and up. Difficult to see how the regime could bridge the gap by December 6. Short of miraculously ending all food and medicine lines I do not see how the regime can reduce the spread to less than 10%, the maximum amount that it can compensate through electoral cheating.

This being said it is quite clear that the Tachira "emergency" and the abuses perpetrated  against defenseless Colombian migrants are a clear step in the strategy to falsify the election. The hope is that cheap nationalism will be enough to reverse the regime's fortunes, or otherwise justify a national "emergency" that will allow a postponement of elections in the hope of better electoral days.

This all we can take as "fact". What is more worrisome is that the regime in full economic debacle IS NOT taking ANY MEASURE. ANY. Unless arresting a few assholes with an extra 10 pounds of corn flour or a few gallons of gas on their bike to Colombia count as an economic measure in a country with maybe 30 million folks. Why? Are we that broke that we cannot even buy basic staples overseas? Is the regime so politically helpless that we cannot even increase the price of gas to a dime a gallon? Are divisions and/or incompetence so entrenched in the regime that they cannot come up with or decide on a single measure to deal with the situation? Measures exist, simple, like a devaluation from 6.3 to 100 which, believe it or not, would have more beneficial effects on inflation than negative ones.

Or is it that the regime is so convinced of its own demise that it is playing the burnt earth card?

Which bring us to the title. My own opinion is that it is a distinct possibility that the regime will not hold until December 6. Either Maduro will be gone, or the regime will have morphed into your regular explicit proto-totalitarian dictatorship. Even if measures are taken TODAY they cannot have much effect by December 6. Even if the regime brings in a whole bunch of imports they are not here yet, they would be insufficient, they will not be spread efficiently and at best could only reach the hard core chavismo.

It is just too late to save the regime in December 6, even if electoral cheating is applied bluntly irregardless of world observation. It would be worse than when Ahmadinejad was fraudulently elected against Mousavi.

Thus the possibility of regime "change", from a Maduro resignation to a coup and bloody repression is becoming quite distinct. Whichever it is one thing is certain: it will not go away peacefully.

Brief electoral report

This is not an electoral report. As I have announced weeks ago, this blog will not cover the coming elections for a variety of reasons. Still, when I read all of the nonsense or wishful thinking elsewhere, I suppose that I feel compelled from time to time to remind people that treating the parliamentary election of December as if it were a normal election is, well, close to idiotic. In other words discussing in detail the intrigues inside the MUD of PSUV is close to irrelevant. Discussing the treachery of the regime is close to redundant at this point. Speculating on the final outcome with polls and calculations is only marginally productive unless one places the comment on the consequences of the vote rather than the actual results.

Thus in no particular order a few talking points, for lack of a more descriptive title.

Electoral treachery. The regime keeps at it. In addition of banning from office for the silliest of reasons opposition leaders (interestingly no significant PSUV is banned, they do not even try to keep a vague pretense of fairness), it has now started to intervene directly into opposition parties organization on the flimsiest of excuses. Any disgruntled party member can sue its direction, win the trial courtesy DIRECTLY from the hand of the high court TSJ so there is no possible appeal whatsoever, and become the new party leader. The objective is simple: try to pry away from the MUD opposition umbrella electoral organization. Since the new "leaders" appointed by the regime are to say the least suspicious in their opposition commitment the MUD has no other choices but to expel the "renovated" parties. These in turn are expected to name their own candidates, certainly financed by the regime.

The point here is not the detail of any given electoral treachery. The point is that the regime will go in crescendo in inventing barriers to any opposition putative electoral victory and, caught in its own game, it will feel justified on December 7 not to recognize the adverse result.

Conclusion, of a sort.  All of this in the end matters little. The vote is quite clear. No matter who the candidates are, the crisis has tuned out the election into a referendum on Maduro. Any yellow or red dog will get its due votes. Any treachery form the regime has no effect on the long run of things.

Do the results matter?

They do not. It is irrelevant which side wins on December 6, the task is the same for all, there is no margin of action. The price of oil keeps going down and corruption is stronger than ever. Things are so reckless that I have been asked straight for money if I want a certain permit to be processed: they will receive the request, they cannot refuse, but the evaluation will happen only if I pay a load of cash to X (fake companies exist with fiscal registry so I can even get a bill for tax purposes).

For the regime the strategy is clear: rake as much cash as possible before December 6, either to win votes, or to have a safety net if ousted, AND leave the coffers empty if the opposition wins. This one deprived of means will be destined to failure (with a fast chavista return to office). And if chavismo wins they will find a way to wing it out, using harsh repression as needed. There cannot be any other way for the colony as long as the Cuban master needs whatever it can get from its Venezuelan overseas territory. That the viceroys of that overseas are corrupt narco military and radical low life politicos only aggravates the situation.

In short, the predictably worsening economic crisis in 2016 will lead to political failure of whomever holds office. One is actually tempted to wish for a chavismo "victory" so to be able to finish it off once and for all in the following year.

The opposition will lose the election

Not only electoral treachery will be hard to overcome, but the opposition electoral umbrella, MUD, is doing whatever it takes to demotivate its potential electors. For example sabotaging folks like Leopoldo Lopez or Maria Corina Machado makes their more fervent and dedicated electoral voters want to stay home.  Lack of a concrete program is as bad as lack of a principled program: lack of either one sets up the opposition for political failure after the election and has as such a demotivating effect. The current offering of being an kind of efficient chavismo, or efficient populism, an oxymoron of course, is simply not enough to pry away chavista voters who at best, it is hoped for, will stay home.

Because the opposition victory is not to get more seats than chavismo, the opposition needs a victory of at least 3/5 of the seats at stake. Otherwise it will have no veto power and no real control over a public administration and power structures solidly packed with chavista hacks. The reader should remember that the MUD is not a political party based on any ideology or coherent program, even if flawed. The MUD is first an electoral alliance to unify a splintered opposition, an alliance that has really no program beyond restoring some democracy to the country. This is by itself very commendable, but in the current calamitous situation it is not enough.  Thus only a 3/5 victory will steel the MUD in front of chavismo and give it a chance to take action, if anything to call for a recall election on Maduro. If the MUD gets a simple majority this one will fall apart in front of the crisis and chavismo will not be controlled and over time will be able to pry away or outright destroy whatever it needs to recover a majority.

Chavismo will not win the election

The paradox here is that I can write that the opposition will lose the election but that chavismo will not win it. The candidate "primary" fixing process of chavismo has been very interesting. First, it was all but transparent. Second, more than half of the outgoing representatives are not running for reelection (I read somewhere that 80% were out). This does not talk at all of internal democracy inside chavismo, this talks of account settling between factions, of an absolute lack of trust in the currently serving personnel for the leaders of the current factions, or vice-versa. All prefer new blood, or have been eaten up by dissent.

If opposition need 3/5 to win, chavismo needs 2/3! If it fails to do that no faction will have an internal majority to rule over the assembly and possible outright divisions may not be contained further. With less than 2/3 of the assembly chavismo will simply have to rely even more on the military to hold unto office, either through repression, or as the only power all factions can agree on, albeit reluctantly.

The grand elector

Which brings us to the only elector that truly matters in this electoral charade: the army.

The army is under great threat. Tendency is for chavismo, and the opposition, to turn the army into the scapegoat of the whole crash. Chavismo because the army may have put the brakes of radicalization of the system. Opposition because the army did not slow down the decay and instead associated itself happily with the looting of the country.

The truth is that to avoid an outright civil war (there is already a larval civil war going on, look at the numbers of people killed every day) a grand pact between opposition and chavismo is necessary. And such negotiation can only be carried through with the consent of the fire power of the country which will be in charge of keeping order while the painful measures are being taken.

It does not matter, thus, who wins in December, the army will either rule or decide who the apparent ruler will be for the unavoidable transition.


Covering the current election as if it were a "normal" one albeit with peculiar/extraordinary parameters is, well, intellectually dishonest. But I suppose that journalists and bloggers and think tankers need to cover their white pages with ink, digital or otherwise.

The only thing worth discussing today is not the election or the immediate exit of Maduro. The only thing worth discussing is to demand a transition government and how to get one. Elections are not necessary. They will not solve the crisis, unless of a presidential or constitutional nature. Period.

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A strange surprise came yesterday. General Baduel, former savior of Chavez (2002), former defense minister of Chavez, one of his personal own first political prisoners has been released from jail. Sure enough he is blocked at home, but he is out of military jail.

That he served most of his jail sentence on trumped up charges (who is not corrupt inside chavismo?) and thus was "released" to complete the rest of his sentence at home is a mere detail. What is important here is that the regime has dared to release who was a seen as one of Chavez very own political prisoners.

The reader must understand one thing about Venezuela: there are two type of political prisoners, those of the revolution and those that are Chavez personal prisoners, such as judge Afiuni, Baduel and even Lopez, though this one is a prisoner of both. The revolution political prisoners can be jailed or released at will, such are the cases of Ceballos, former mayor of San Cristobal or Simonovis of 2002 fame unjustly jailed for revolutionary political need. There are also Chavez very own political exiles, such as Rosales former Zulia governor and Chavez 2006 campaign opponent, or journalist Poleo. In short, those that Chavez has placed on his very own list in theory cannot benefit from any measure of grace. Only Afiuni did get some alleviation to her plight due to the intense international pressure, but her trial is going fast nowhere.

Thus the importance of Baduel's release. For this to happen there must have been a powerful reason, a significant movement inside chavismo to face down a Chavez order. The reader should be immediately reassured: this mean nothing good for the opposition no matter what a portion of Twitterzuela tried to make of it last night.

You can speculate, offer many readings. Here is mine for those still reading.

The jailing of Baduel had created a rift inside the armed forces. For sure, these were not going to oppose Chavez for many reasons, one being that cash was flowing into their pocket. But there was a rift inside because Baduel as a former defense minister was the voice of the army for a while and as such deserved more respect, even from Chavez. Baduel's jail was a direct message to the army to behave and it was understood as such.

But the resentment remained and now that Chavez is gone the army feels the need to come together again and freeing Baduel goes a long way even if the guy now has little power in it. Thus the real question is why is the army coming back together, taking such a stand?

The situation of the country is deteriorating fast. It is clear now with the recent looting and recent polls that the regime is overstaying its welcome and is decided in leaving nothing standing in its wake. Burnt earth they also call it.  The people that will be left behind to try to hold things together, no matter what government comes, are the armed forces that will have to do all the necessary repression.

Thus, for me at least, the army comes together because it not only needs to be united to face coming harder times, but also because it needs to weigh carefully its actions so as not to be blamed for the mess left behind by Chavez. That does not mean the army is good or bad, or that a coup is around the corner. To begin with, a coup is unnecessary as this is already a military regime. What the army is probably doing at this point is getting its act together to intervene as a single voice to dictate to the civilians in the regime what to do, or to rule over a transition regime, or if needs be, to tolerate an opposition government as long as the army goes unscathed of any crime it committed during the Chavez years.

Nothing major happens inside Venezuela without the consent or action of the Army. Releasing Baduel cannot have happened without this one consent as I, for one, am absolutely sure that Maduro would not have released of his own accord a Chavez prisoner, amen of the proven cruelty of Maduro.

That is why Baduel's release is so interesting. All specuatlions maybe allowed, but what this really means is that pieces are moving inside the regime. Perhaps faster than one may surmise.

Paket Internet IM3 Tercepat Dan Termurah 2016

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Tidak terkecuali Im3, provider yang sudah beroprasi sejak tahun 2001 ini ingin memberikan yang terbaik dan termurah dalam hal akses paket internet bagi pelangganya.

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> kuota super wifi 1.5 GB
> Untuk super wifi hanya bisa di gunakan di tempat yang sudah terdaftar jaringan wifi indosat.
  • Jika kuota habis, akan dikenakan tarif Rp.1.5/kb
  • Paket internet im3 akan di perpanjang otomatis jika pulsa mencukupi
  • Untuk berhenti dari paket internet Im3 KETIK UNREG ke 363
  • Untuk cara daftar paket internet im3 dengan harga resmi, tekan *123# setelah itu pilih super internet.
  • Khusus Paket Super Internet Bulanan Rp 59,900 sudah termasuk 5MP3 selama berlangganan paket Internet.
  • Khusus Paket Super Internet Bulanan Rp 79,900 sudah termasuk 5 MP3 dan biaya berlangganan video streaming melalui aplikasi GENFLIX (Aplikasi GENFLIX dapat di download di Google Play Store & iOS App Store).

Note : Harga bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu tergantung dari ketetapan indosat.

Dalam waktu beberapa bulan ini ada perubahan harga dan penurunan kuota internet yang signifikan.

Mungkin dikarenakan pengguna paket internet im3 yang sudah semakin melonjak. Pada akhirnya indosat mengambil kebijakan untuk menaikan harga paket internetnya.

Paket Internet Im3 Unlimited

Paket internet im3 ini tak terbatas terhadap kuota. Meskipun kuota sudah habis sobat masih bisa browsing dan tidak di kenakan biaya tambahan seperti paket internet kuota Im3 diatas.

Tapi kalau sudah mencapai batas pemakaian wajar (FUP) kecepatan jaringan akan di turunkan otomatis oleh indosat.

Untuk cara daftar paket internet Im3 unlimited:
Tekan *123*2# setelah itu pilih paket unlimited
Lihat daftar harga paket internet Im3 Unlimited di bawah ini :
Harian (24 jam) 50 MB 1 Hari Rp 5000
Mingguan (7hari) 200 MB 7 Hari Rp 25000
Bulanan (30 hari)500 MB 30 Hari Rp 50000
2 GB Rp 100000
Untuk dapat memaksimalkan Paket internet Im3 dengan kecepatan 4G-LTE sobat harus menggunakan kartu USIM Super 4G-LTE dan smartphone sobat juga harus mendukung jaringan 4G-LTE

Penukaran Kartu Indosat biasa dengan USIM Super 4G-LTE dapat dilakukan di Galeri-Galeri kota besar seperti Jakarta, Bandung, Yogya, Denpasar dan Balikpapan.

    Paket Internet Im3 Extra

    Paket internet im3 extra atau di sebut juga paket internet tambahan digunakan untuk menambah paket kuota internet Im3 yang sudah habis.

    Jika kuota sudah habis tapi masa aktif paket masih banyak tidak ada salahnya sobat beli paket extra ini.
    Untuk beli paket internet m3 extra tekan *123*2# lalu pilih paket extra.
    Rp 7.900 75 MB
    Rp 13.900 200 MB
    Rp 20.000600 MB
    Rp 40.000 2 GB X
    Rp 60.000 4 GB
    Rp 80.000 6 GB

    Ikuti cara di bawah ini untuk beli paket ekstra :

    • Tekan *123*2*4*2# lalu klik dial (tombol hijau bawah)

    paket ekstra

    • Setelah itu sobat akan di bawa ke menu pilihan beberapa paket ekstra.

    paket ekstra im3

    • Selanjutnya pilih paket internet im3 ekstra sesuai keinginan sobat. Misalnya sobat ingin beli yang 6 GB berarti pilih nomor 1 lalu klik "kirimkan"
    • Nah, sobat akan di bawa ke halaman konfirmasi pembelian paket ekstra. Jika setuju, sobat tinggal pilih "Beli" (nomor 1) dan klik "kirimkan".

    kuota ekstra im3

    • Selesai, paket ekstra sobat sudah berhasil di aktifasi.

    Jika sobat ingin membeli paket ekstra lainya, sobat tinggal pilih saja kuota yang sesuai untuk sobat.

    Semoga ulasan tentang paket internet Im3 termurah di atas dapat di jadikan referensi bagi sobat yang bingung dalam memilih paket internet.

    Selanjunya, jika sobat pengguna baru paket internet im3 pasti sobat akan merasa kebingungan bagaimana cara cek sisa kuota internet im3 sobat. Nah disini saya akan mengajarkan cara cek kuota internet im3 yang termudah dan tercepat.

    Jika ada yang kurang faham mengenai paket internet im3 ini, silahkan bertanya di kotak komentar.

    A guide to Venezuela eateries around the world

    The Venezuelan diaspora(4%? population so far) has had an effect around the world: there are now dozens of Venezuelan food restaurants in most major cities of the "west" where Venezuelans do emigrate.  I got this in the mail, a comprehensive list made by Andrew Richard and Daniela Cadena. Though In Spanish it is easy to find your way around for your own city. I include the maps for Europe and the US where most readers are. But Australia and South America are well represented while Canada lists Toronto and Montreal and many Central America countries do have Venezuelan joints. 

    So look to see if your place shows up and go for it. The places listed have a link.

    By the way, for those who live in New York area, the Times has a complete review of the local joints.



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