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Gay marriage, at long last (but not here)

Yes dear readers, I did cry a little when I saw that picture. I do not know why, but it had that quality.

Today finally the United States Supreme Court bowed to what was unavoidable, to what civilized countries in the world had been granting one by one over the last two decades. Any two not directly related adults in a stable union should all have the same rights.


It is THAT simple.

I suppose that since I lived many years in the US and since I did participated into many of the gay rights fights when I was over there I am particularly sensitive to that moment today, even more to the one when France granted marriage two years ago. But this blog has never been about my personal life and this one has only surfaced on occasion, when appropriate or relevant to the moment. Today it is such a moment.

In Venezuela, the Bolivarian revolution which was supposed to be a liberating one has turned out to be a repressive system. And gay rights have not escaped. The more so that the uncouth military nature of the regime has exacerbated that posture. Homophobic comments have come from Chavez already though he refrained from the worse letting his underlings who had no qualms for that. Maduro/Cabello have been the worse.

Not only gay rights are not recognized but unions even less. To the point that the regime has asked embassies from countries that do recognize such unions to refrain from holding such unions inside Venezuela. Thus the French embassy could not marry me even though my S.O, and I have been together for now 16 years. They could only give us a PACS, a civil union in French law. Which is, by the way, causing me grief as I do not have some of the benefits that I could expect if married now that we have to deal with the painful disease of my life partner.

In Venezuela this has dire consequences for us as I am legally NOTHING for him and I only rely on the good will of people we deal with. His doctors are fortunately educated in the ways of the world but if we were to have a sudden emergency with new personnel, well, I might be barred from participating and his relatives would have to step up to let me in.  As for legal procedures, of course I am a nobody. Fortunately I have a good relationship with his family but I fear for those in my case who do not have the luck to be in speaking terms with the other's family.

So, if you ever cross path with the dwindling crowd of assholes that still defend the regime and the Bolivarian farce I suggest you forward a link to this post and demand them to explain why this revolutionary farce is so far behind in real Human Rights.

PS: the Venezuelan opposition does not fare much better, by the way. The only group that has an active pro gay rights platform is Voluntad Popular, the Leopoldo Lopez party. Just so you know.

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Recovering Venezuela is going to be more difficult than what most people think

There are reckless souls in the opposition that claim that a mere change in the National Assembly and a couple of years of decent public administration are enough to turn around the Venezuelan Economic crisis.

I think such talk is simply reckless even if its intentions are merely electoral. At this point stirring false hopes is a deadly undertaking for whichever side. At least chavismo being in full denial mode is pretending that there are only minor problems that are the fault of foreign interests, period. It does not help them much but it cannot hurt them much either compared to its other problems.

Maybe two-three years ago we could have still entertained the thought that a Venezuelan recovery was not too difficult a task. But the damage done to the economic fabric and the collapse of oil prices which are not going to recover in the foreseeable future to a necessary 100 per barrel have made this impossible. A Venezuelan recovery is now going to be a Greek tragedy where even raising sales taxes on tourism activities cannot help a bit.

This blog has covered in details from ground zero where its editor lives how the damage to the productive sector has been perpetrated, from destroying contractual relationships between employer and employee, to a collapsed infrastructure. It is my conviction that even if all economic repressive controls were lifted tomorrow the economy will not be able to regain a sustained growth for at least a couple of years. And a weak one at that. And with significant protectionist measures for at least half a decade, or at least until we produce enough food for 80% of our balance needs.

I am not going into this again today, I will merely mention two powerful articles published today that spell disaster for Venezuela even though it was not necessarily the intention of the journalists writing them. But when you are a foreign correspondent you may not necessarily realize the implications of what you write when you try to stick to facts.

The first one is a piece from Reuters written by Alexandra Ulmer: Pirates and hold-ups: crime strikes Venezuela's oil industry. Ms. Ulmer details here how crime has put under siege Venezuelan oil industry, be it state or privately managed. The extent of robbery of supplies for scrap facilities to robbery of employees inside facilities in spite of the presence of guards is seriously affecting the potential of the industry. What's terrible about it is that oil industry is our only source of income today and apparently the regime is unable to protect it. Or worse, I suspect, unwilling to do so for reasons that I better do not think about. Whatever it is, the money quote will say it better:

in Monagas state, around 26,000 potential barrels were lost in March during a shutdown after state oil company employees and contractors stole copper cables and caused a tank to overflow {my emphasis} 

The other piece comes from The Economist: Learning the lessons of stagnation. Per se it is not about Venezuela. In fact, Venezuela is barely mentioned, it doesn't count anymore in LatAm economy. The article tries to explain how countries are dealing with the end of the commodities boom that fueled Latin America economic growth of the preceding decade. Thus there is an extensive list of do and don't according to the different economies fails and wins, ranking from care to the infrastructure to maintaining sound fiscal policies. It is a very interesting summary with interesting graphs (where Venezuela figures as the worst, of course). But the reason why it is so damning for Venezuela is that almost EVERY mistake made by X or Y country has ALSO been made by Venezuela. By ourselves we are a conpendium of all that is wrong in Latin America failure to rise to the modern world. Or as I have written, chavismo is a reactionary movement that has made Venezuela go back in past.

The money quote: To return to faster growth, Latin America must address its chronic structural weaknesses. Put simply, it exports, saves and invests too little, its economies are not diversified enough and too many of its firms and workers are unproductive. Needless to remind the wise reader that Venezuela exports only one thing, and badly now, saves nothing and cannot invest anymore. And productivity is now nil. It is not a matter of "too little", it is a matter of we cannot anymore.

Read both articles and then when any opposition Pangloss comes your way, you will know better.

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In victory we eat

This morning finally Leopoldo Lopez, reported not being able to stand up anymore, has let it be known that he ended his hunger strike and asked that others end their own as well. Too many are heralding the calling for elections a great victory for Lopez, but I beg to differ. A victory it is but it lays elsewhere, associated to Leopoldo Lopez, make no mistake.

Let's look at the "electoral victory" first.

One of the petitions of the hunger strike was for the regime to set once and for all an election date. This should have been done long ago and it was clear that the regime was delaying it. The reasons were many, from picking the date that would favor its interest best, to give them time to organize an internationally palatable electoral fraud, to find an excuse not to call an election. That a date is set is a set back for the regime. But again, make no mistake, in the next 5 months many things may still happen to sabotage the election, the more negative polls are.

Another important aspect of the election is that they require a close international monitoring considering that the regime will do the impossible to cheat. That observation cannot be only a "accompaniment" on election day, that is, electoral tourists that come for the election day to see that all takes place in some sort of order, unable to check for possible fraud and forbidden to make any comments until the final results are proclaimed. In short, worth repeating, electoral tourism.

What we need is a real observation of all aspects of the process and that requires that in the coming weeks specialists from the OAS, UN and EU start visiting and have access to the different mechanisms and be allowed to talk to the different parties. Yesterday Venezuela seems to have accepted only UNASUR, the partial South American association that has time and again taken the side of the regime refusing to look at electoral fraud. We are not even sure if they will come as observers or tourists. Same difference I suppose for them.

Hence that Lopez "victory" on elections is far from being complete. Or even partial if you ask me, But it has been the least damaging way the regime found to end the hunger strike. And for this we should celebrate.

The victory of Leopoldo Lopez is elsewhere. Since he has been arrested over a year ago his actions and his resistance have clearly established that the regime is a dictatorship controlled from the radicals from Cuba. Apparently there is talk of a division between the radical, Fidelistas, and the ones who want to negotiate with the US, Raulistas (?). The Fidelistas would want Leopoldo dead.

Lopez courageous victories come from demonstrating that his trial is a political trial through a kangaroo court; that his detention conditions are abysmal (compared to those that Chaevz had, for example); on how his political allies have been hunted down without mercy without even a fake excuse; on the deeply calumnious nature of the regime; on how this one flouts any international norm, and basic human rights. The victory of Leopoldo Lopez has made it impossible for democratic leaders to have their picture taken with the regime, except for those corrupt enough like Lula or Rousseff. That Maduro claimed an ear infection not to go an visit the Pope is due to Lopez actions and hunger strike.

Dealings with the Venezuelan regime are now left to underlings or operators like Shannon meeting with impossible characters like Cabello because there is no other option. Venezuela is a pariah state and Lopez victory has been to force the world to recognize that fact. That does not mean the world soon will do something effective about it, but as long as all the people that count do not agree on that qualification for the Venezuelan regime, nothing substantive can be done.

For this, in my book, the sacrifice of Lopez was phenomenal and he deserves our gratitude.

Hunger strike succeeded? Elections on December 6

UPDATED. One of the main petitions of the hunger strikes holding around the countries was that the Venezuelan electoral board, CNE, announces the date for parliamentary elections. Only in Venezuela we need hunger strikes to get what should be a routine date set up that should have happened a year ago!

At any rate after a tortuous press announcement where CNE head Tibisay Lucena attacked everyone for "distortion" of reality when she could have done the announcement on a web page weeks ago she said they would be held on December 6, which was the legal date all along. Attacking Twitter will not save Tibisay from the established charges that she is a mere minister of pseudo electoral affairs of the regime.

And speaking of Twitter the first consequence to be expected:

That is, may all the hunger strikes, starting with the one from Leopoldo who cannot walk anymore, be lifted.

Update: Lucena has also announced that the only allowed "observers" will be those from UNASUR, rejecting OAS and EU observers. That is already a guarantee that there will be electoral fraud. Not that it may be enough to stop a plausible opposition victory but remember that the goal here is to prevent that the Venezuelan opposition gets 3/5 of parliament which would allow it to reverse some of the authoritarian measure of the regime. In addition it is easier for the regime to break a mere majority through threat and bribery than to break a 3/5 majority. Now it is up to the MUD to steel itself and demand more guarantees. I am not holding my breath.

Was Leopoldo Lopez hunger strike discussed in Port au Prince?

As I was sitting to write this entry where one of my intentions was to pat myself in the back, I run through a just out the presses article by Jackson Diehl from the WaPo. To all what has been discussed lately about the (in)famous meeting between Shannon and Cabello Diehl adds the lone noteworthy data:

the U.S. diplomacy has a modest goal: to prevent López’s death. Shannon told Cabello the continuance of the dialogue between the two governments depended on López remaining alive and being convinced to end his hunger strike, sources said.

There is no reason to doubt "sources" since the story is believable, the more so that Mr. Diehl is generally well informed. The point is that what I wrote on June 15 seems to be becoming the vox populi. Demanding a grand inquiry on Shannon, or claiming that he was cornered, "surprised", by a wily Cabello is not holding. The meeting took place because it was sought. I used the term realpolitik and this one is reprised everywhere, and not only in Diehl's note. Not that I was the first one to use it, simply it is the term to be used by anyone with a minimum of knowledge on how the world works. Unfortunately.

The fact of the matter is that Venezuela is a problem big enough that negotiations are a must because the alternative, not negotiating and waiting to see what happens is even worse. And the only party one can negotiate with are those in office. The opposition is offering a pitiful spectacle as it is even unable to offer a unified front to save Leopoldo Lopez from the consequences of his hunger strike. True, the hunger strike has damaged the regime greatly and forced outside countries to demand more from the regime than lip service. But on the other hand the opposition has revealed itself to be unable to present even a coherent group to negotiate. Even if the US and the regime and Brazil wanted to include the MUD in the negotiation, who would they include?

And so it goes while the epic of Leopoldo Lopez unfolds toward a not necessarily positive ending. So many are aware of that that voices are coming from many Venezuelan sectors to beg him to stop his strike. Because his sacrifice would be useless? Because so many could not care less?

Finally I would be remiss not to mention that among some folks the fate of Lopez is in the hands of Fidel's followers who feel betrayed by Raul and what not. Refusing to budge on the Leopoldo affair they are willing to let it go to the bitter end if it helps them in their fight against the US and Diosdado Cabello negotiating with the US. Whether this is true is not the point, the point is that being able to entertain such thoughts is a terrible confirmation on how degraded Venezuela and chavismo have become, that political prisoners fate is decided elsewhere...

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Waterloo, morne plaine.

Today some celebrated the gentle anachronism that Waterloo has become. Indeed, until 1914 Waterloo was the battle that defined Europe. But things have changed. There were weeks in WWI and II were more folks died than during all of Napoleonic wars. Still, I suppose that I should meditate about it, least some accuse my French side to ignore the whole issue as a cowardice of sort.

When I was very young, but not that young not to have discovered precociously the joys of history I was in France for the summer of Napoleon's bicentennial celebrations. I remember clearly in spite of the distance, that he was still quite the hero and that you could collect at gas stations commemorative medals. I have lost mine long ago but that is not the point. The thing is that by the time I went to college the effect of May 68 had finally sunk in and Napoleon was seen for what he also was, not only the glorious victor over Europe but also a dictator.

Still, the pendulum kept swinging as the era of political correctness even reached sarcastic France. Some went as far as seeing in him a precursor of totalitarianism, a bloody murderer. Bloody he was, murderer I am less certain if we judge him by the parameters of the times that would rank him only primus inter pares.

Of course I do not subscribe to such nincompooperies. It is true that Napoleon was a dictator and I have long advocated that position which brought me on occasion some trouble. But this is not discussed anymore in France and there would not be anymore commemorations like there were for the bicentennial of his birth. As such, today in Waterloo they tried to have some kind of ceremony which rallied the victors of the day (Belgium, Netherlands, England and others) while some idiot anchors (more than one!) wondered about the abscence of France and Germany! Germany is in no position to commemorate any military victory whatsoever, not even the one against the Romans at Teutoburg forest. As for the French it is tacky, not only because IT IS tacky but as far as we are concerned Napoleon was defeated in Russia and done with at Leipzig two years before. Anything else after were madmen adventures that cost us dearly and that the enlightened French of the time, even supporters, knew were follies (Talleyrand anyone?). Why would president Hollande send even an emissary to Waterloo today when Paris is still littered with Napoleonic high names (rue de Rivoli, Gare d'Austerlitz, Pont d'Iena, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe....)? Imagine journalists asking questions...

The fact of the matter is that it may be time for the pendulum to swing back a little bit. Napoleon was indeed a dictator but the French state as we know it today owes more to him than to any other political leader I can think of. And I mean this positively. In addition to the urban changes he did to Paris, what all dictators tend to do in their hometowns, his work went way further, from systematically setting numbers to every address in France, to create a civilian code that regulated by law all civilian activities from birth to marriage, commerce, death and inheritance. Such things have been so successful in allowing for the establishment of the rule of law in societies that most civilized societies do follow now similar systems. Certainly Napoleon imposed this in the countries he conquered but some were wise enough to keep the good parts of the conquest.

Was Napoleon a totalitarian precursor? The times were other. I do not think he was one, nor he intended to be one, nor he was inclined to anyway. He was ruthless in eliminating what was in his way but murder was not his weapon of choice even if he used it on occasion, like the infamous case of Duc d'Enghein. But Napoleon was a military in the good sense of it: efficient in that the ends justify the means, but no more than what is necessary. Where he conquered he pillaged to pay for his armies but he also brought freedom of religion, freed the jews, eliminated anachronic aristocratic privileges, established meritocracy, simplified administration, watered down church privileges. After Waterloo reaction came back to Europe but in Western Europe Napoleon is the one that seeded the freedom that was implied in the French Revolution, and that was going to slowly but surely grow through the XIX century. Eastern Europe remained laggard I am tempted to say because Napoleon did not have the time to have his presence felt long enough.

All of this to let you know that like most frenchmen I remain divided about Napoleon. None of us can condemn him in full but none of us can admire him in full either. The extreme right prefers to pick more mythological figures like Joan of Arc which speak of Fatherland and submission as she never had time to think much about the consequences of what she did. The hard left prefers the iconoclastic Jacobins (you cannot root outright for Robespierre, he was after all the first totalitarian). Napoleon cannot be of use for neither as he was an autocrat with a clear meritocratic bent (democrat?), no fatherland for him as all could join in if they wanted to (and were forced to as needed, with full rights by the way). So we just ignore him while we retain the streets and monuments named for his feats until one day, when his crimes look so ridiculous compared to the others, we can name further boulevards to his name.

Finally a little comment on time span.  Napoleon ruled from 1799 to 1814 effectively. That is barely 15 years. In that time he may have built and lost an empire, but he also built modern France and influenced what would become modern Europe, allowing England to become its enlightened leader for a while (like in slavery abolition or industrial revolution). That is quite an achievement no matter what side of the Waterloo fence you sit. Compare that decade and a half with Chavez's who almost got as much time as Napoleon did, and much more money and no nasty Brits around sinking his ships. What will be the legacy of Chavez? I dare to say, though I will not be here to check it out, that in 50 years from now Napoleon's influence will still be greater than Chavez over the world.  Because Chavez will be forgotten or remembered as one of the world criminals while Napoleon, Waterloo and all, will still be for better or for worse one of the builders of Western Civilization.


At least the lone worthy poetry about Waterloo worth anything is written by a Frenchman, Victor Hugo. It is actually a ringing epic "l'Expiation" from which this is my favorite excerpt.

Waterloo ! Waterloo ! Waterloo ! morne plaine !
Comme une onde qui bout dans une urne trop pleine,
Dans ton cirque de bois, de coteaux, de vallons,
La pâle mort mêlait les sombres bataillons.
D'un côté c'est l'Europe et de l'autre la France.
Choc sanglant ! des héros Dieu trompait l'espérance ;
Tu désertais, victoire, et le sort était las.
O Waterloo ! je pleure et je m'arrête, hélas !
Car ces derniers soldats de la dernière guerre
Furent grands ; ils avaient vaincu toute la terre,
Chassé vingt rois, passé les Alpes et le Rhin,
Et leur âme chantait dans les clairons d'airain !

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24 days of hunger strike for Leopoldo Lopez

I do not want to go into details here. But it has taken 24 days for the cruel regime to allow a trusted physician to go and check on Leopoldo Lopez. Such is the talent of those in charge, willing to let him die if necessary, in gulag conditions.

I have written that he should stop his hunger strike, no matter how principled that one is because in front he has thugs that are happy to see him go.  They are wrong, they will pay a big price, but they cannot see that, and they would not care anyway. Totalitarian dictators ALWAYS go down taking everyone with themselves.

Now we enter the critical days for Leopoldo Lopez where irreversible damage may happen. Where the worst may happen. I wish I were able to pray. And, by the way, I see a lot of people inside the opposition that claim to pray but do not seem to be doing so.

Cabello's adventures, or when the US of A pays its failed foreign policies

WSJ front page narco national assembly chair Diosdado Cabello was on quite a grand tour this past week. Before we run into all sorts of speculations let's look at the pictures and then stick to the bare facts of the situation. You'll find out, I trust, that things may not be as complicated as you may think.

The little friends Diosdado went to visit were the ones from Brazil: ineffable Lula who has helped actively the red corruption spread all over the continent and,

All smiles, presents exchanged, luncheon awaiting in the back.
The HSBC 14 billion man, the Memsalao/Petrobras man and the NarcoCapo man

the woman that replaced him and who barely managed reelection, that is deeply challenged with the Petrobras corruption scandal, but that is also aware that Venezuela is to Brazil a little bit what Greece is to Europe.

Don't we all just look presidential, don't I just hold unto that hand for my dear life!
And can't we all have a faker smile?

Then after a stopover in Caracas where supposedly Diosdado informed a bed ridden Maduro (he missed a trip to the Vatican because, hold tight, he had an ear infection) he surprisingly flew to Haiti from where we got this pictures all smiles out with Thomas Shannon of US Executive Branch and Co., presumably a different branch than Judicial Power and Co.

It seems that the ones in the middle can smile more openly as they may be more clueless? 
Let's look at the facts/obvious-questions now, in no particular order.

How is it possible that a high ranking US officer meets publicly, and friendly, with someone that the justice of his country is investigating on several counts of drug trafficking and assorted racketeering activities? Is it even conceivable that Haiti president could, say, entrap Shannon in Port au Prince to talk to Diosdado Cabello?

Even if we make plenty of room for the amorality of Lula and Dilma, do they need to be seen so close to Cabello at this point?

If in Venezuela there is separation of power, how come Maduro sends as his special emissary the chair of the National Assembly when he has a foreign minister who is supposed to do those things? The seat is not vacant, she was the woman in the picture in Haiti even if we all know she counts for nothing, but I digress.

Obvious questions out of the way, a few facts.

Venezuela owes a lot of money to Brazil. In fact with all that Venezuela owes to Brazil, Colombia and to a lesser degree to other LatAm countries a Venezuelan default could be enough to trigger a financial meltdown of possible dire consequences, not only local. On this Fidel taught Chavez well: indebt yourself so much to them that they will always go to the bargaining table no matter what you do (Greece is doing that by the way, and look for Spain doing that anytime soon as the PSOE is caving much faster than expected to PODEMOS, but I digress again).

For the US, the price of years of neglect on Venezuela is heavy. While George Bush went on to nothing in Iraq he was too happy to have Chavez not only keep up oil supply to the US at war, but also prop up the Caribbean and Central American economies. Now the carpet has been pulled off under the US feet and no matter what the GOP Congress says and no matter how people criticize Obama's Castro opening, the US needs to do something about the whole mess. Because if the US does not find a way to prop up a collapsing Cuba and a Caribbean deprived of oil money support it can see a million or more illegal immigrants any time soon. Very soon.

And there is also the collapse of Venezuela which, due to possible local violence and narco state condition, could send waves of illegal immigration to Colombia and to the US. Amen of destabilizing Colombia.

And speaking of Venezuelan collapse, it is clear that Maduro has no control of the situation. He may have some power but whatever power he has is not enough to do something about the sinking ship. Whomever has some power in Venezuela is the army and this one needs a spokesperson as it is obvious that neither Lula nor Dilma nor the US can speak directly with a green fatigue goon.

Those are some of the reasons that have pushed the US (and Europe) to seat down and talk to Raul and Fidel and now it is time to sit down with someone inside Venezuela and force Brazil to also sit at the table.

To talk about what?

We enter speculation here. However if you see what I wrote above then you surely will agree at least in part with the following: no matter how repulsive Diosdado Cabello is, no matter what evidences are already stacked against him in court, he is the only person that Brazil and the US can talk with. There is no other possible intermediary, country or person. At least as I type this. Brazil, the US and Cabello have three sets of diverging interests but they need to find an agreement somewhere because the three of them could lose a lot.

Cabello can go to jail. As simple as that. But he represents the narco state, at least a large sector of the army, and he can negotiate enough scapegoats for a smooth transition that would include himself being president for a while and maybe some light jail term through a Venezuelan court later on that would allow him to finish his days "honorably". He can always hope anyway. One thing I am sure he knows is that holding to power as a narco thug is going to get him killed not by the US but by other narco thugs he will cross.

Brazil can lose a lot financially. But Lula also risks to lose a lot of the influence he established across Latin America though a Venezuelan collapse. His Foro de Sao Paulo could be revealed for the fraud it always was, his Nobel escape. Dilma is probably more concerned about the cash in a time of trouble for her but the end result is the same for both of them and the Brazilian lenders: you are going to have to accept to lose some if you want to avoid to lose a lot. That negotiation is starting.

For the US it is of course how to avoid a debacle in the Caribbean for which they have only themselves to blame after, oh, 60 years of way more failures than successes in the area. To which you add less than stellar LatAm policies. At least this time around they have found a reluctant partner to share the burden in Brazil even if it means possibly the final loss of South America as a privileged sphere of influence for the US. But in foreign policy you always pay for your mistakes.

A final note. Considering the debacle in Venezuela, food and medicine wise, the only two countries that can supply the big deficits coming to Venezuela are indeed Brazil and the US. I suppose that part of the negotiation is also going to be around that, on how the US and Brazil are going to be willing to help but bypassing the usual Venezuelan corruption route. And of course, one way to do that could to use those that are already rich enough, people like Cabello...

A master class of despicable realpolitik.


As a an end bonus for those who can manage some Portuguese this blog from Veja in Brasil, the noted magazine unforgiving of political malpractices of Lula and Dilma "O amigo Narco de Lula, um sujeito que se julga acima das leis". (Lula's narco friend, a guy that thinks himself above the law)

Beard and Hair (bad pun). Only the one of the Moustache was missing,
but he was repressing opposition in Venezuela

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Yardsticks for tyranny

Today the weekly edition of Tal Cual offers us a piece for thought (1). They compared the time spent by Chavez in jail after his coup of 1992 and the one spent by Leopoldo Lopez since he has been accused of who knows what last year, as he is slowly rotting though his hunger strike. I summarize below.

Chavez has the blood of around 60 people on his hands from 1992. And more if we add the failed putsch of November 1992. Then among the targets was the attack of the presidential house which had ONLY the president's family as the president rarely slept there, or the defenseless state TV. Yet he was jailed with all the "respect" due to his middle military rank which included a constant stream of visitors that included from relatives to all sorts of journalists. His opinions on the profane and the divine circulated widely. At times it is true that he was briefly shut out but even then he had access to all possible commodities his detention center could offer and NGO visits as needed. That we know of, no torture report exist on Chavez or any of the people associated with his putsch and detained along him at the time.

Leopoldo Lopez is short three months of the detention time that Chavez served. And yet compared to Chavez his detention time has been truly gruesome. It has included beatings, deprivations, long isolations, denial of visitation for his relatives lawyers NGO journalists and more. All public is international knowledge. He is accused of crimes that he could not have not directly ordered even if he had wanted to.  And the case is so farfetched that he is suffering of denial of justice through a travesty trial which is abundantly denounced even outside of Venezuela. Leopoldo Lopez is currently on hunger strike, Chavez never had to resort to anything of the like. And I am not talking of the dozens of people that have been incarcerated along Lopez who have suffered from torture to other unspeakable horrors.

Then again in 1992 Venezuela was a democracy and today it is a tyranny.

The only question here is how come this fact is not more vocally denounced around the world. What gives? Are ethics so in disfavor today? Has the left so abandoned its raison d'être?


1) reminder, Tal Cual was forced through spurious law suits and lack of paper to shut down its daily edition and go to a weekly tabloid format, leaving Venezuela with only two national independent-opposition newspapers, El Nacional and El Nuevo Pais. Period.

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De genocidas y huelgas de hambre

Pienso que ya está bien, que ya Leopoldo y Daniel y los otros presos políticos tienen que terminar una huelga de hambre que logró lo poco que podría lograr. Si es que logró algo en verdad, que esta por verse.

Vamos a hablar claro. Estamos frente a un gobierno que ya se puede calificar de genocida; y cuidado que a través de este blog siempre me he rehusado a usar una palabra tan monstruosa, tan cargada de peso histórico. Es casi una dignificación perversa de atribuir esta palabra al patético elenco criminal que hoy nos desgobierna.

Pero este gobierno ha evolucionado hacia eso, hacia una mentalidad donde no es pecado para ellos eliminar físicamente los que estorban, o sencillamente eliminar los que no gustan.

Empezaron con la lista de Tascon, un apartheid moderno que todavía el mundo civilizado no ha condenado debidamente, a su gran deshonra. Esa lista del odio no solamente se sigue usando después de 10 años pero ha sido constantemente perfeccionada a través de los listados de las Misiones bolivarianas y flujos electorales a nivel de comunas y gremios. De allí se dividió el país nítidamente entre un ellos y nosotros, entre patriotas y apátridas.

Luego empezaron los crímenes. El primer crimen fue el de dejar morir a Brito por su reclamo de tierras. Pero también ha sido un crimen dejar salir una generación de profesionales al exilio, un crimen contra el país, un asesinato al futuro. Como fue un crimen permitir que el trafico de droga se convierta en rutina, que convierta al país en un narcoestado desencadenado la sangría en los barrios que nos dan una matazón con niveles de país en guerra. Todos, todos eso crímenes son imputables a Hugo Chávez pero los pagarán otros.

Pero el ultimo paso hacia el genocidio es la propia indiferencia a la muerte de los inocentes, cuando los poderosos tienen otros menesteres que atender y no se pueden preocupar en buscar siquiera alguna excusa. No es que Hugo Chávez se preocupase en buscar excusas para sus crímenes, pero la repartición de dinero acallaba la conciencia de muchos, incluyendo muchos opositores.

Venezuela ha llegado a este punto revelador porque ahora faltan las medicinas y el gobierno no permite que lleguen.  Ya hay enfermedades que son criticas y el gobierno prefiere que se mueran todos en vez de permitir que se abra un resquicio para que por lo menos algunos puedan importar lo que puedan. Eso se niega porque seria admitir que 15 años de gestión han sido errados, que las arcas están vacías. Pero los genocidas son todos, sin excepción, seres cegados por el orgullo y no se abrirán compuertas. Los jerarcas pueden salir del país a hacer lo que quieran para su salud pero nosotros venezolanos todos estamos condenados a la indiferencia absoluta a nuestras necesidades por parte del gobierno, muriendo en una falsa igualdad, sin que le duela a nadie. Solo se salvarán los que el gobierna decida que se salven.

Llamemos esto "genocidio del siglo XXI".

En toda franqueza ¿alguien en verdad espera que el gobierna evitará que se mueran los huelguistas de hambre? Lo digo con toda responsabilidad, estoy seguro que muchos en el gobierno desean la muerte de Leopoldo y Daniel. No les importa las consecuencias.  Por esto le pido a todos los que están en huelga de hambre que por favor desistan, que busquen otros medios de lucha, que con genocidas no hay chantaje que funcione.

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State terrorism in Venezuela

The appearance of Diosdado Cabello on the front page of the WSJ along a few others such as Aragua governor Tarek el Assaimi with a detailed list of all the investigations underway for their links to drug trafficking and what have you reminded us that there is no happy ending in sight for Venezuela. In case you doubted it this week brought us a few examples. I suppose it all started with the rather successful rallies last Saturday in support of Leopoldo Lopez. I was there and I took the panoramic below (Samsung feature).

Some wrote that it was a fiasco, some exaggerated the success. I think all missed the point: this was the first attempt at mass rallies since we are truly in a dictatorship, since the regime has started killing people in earnest, since the opposition has splintered into those willing to call a spade a spade and those like Ramos Allup much more inclined at some form of status quo. Besides the era of massive marches for either side is over: chavismo even under coercion cannot fill up more than a couple of street blocks and the opposition is tired ans scared and its charismatic leaders jailed or discredited.

Thus for me it was a success. I was there last Saturday and if the attendance was not huge there was an interesting phenomenon: there was a constant, steady, significant flow of people in and out the rally. With insecurity, fear of repression of any type, fear of aggression, need to go somewhere to stand in line to get any good you can put your hand on, the turn out was, well, good. For any count that could be done at the rally place, I would guess the total "visitors" may have been 4-5 fold more. If not more. And this without counting the more than a dozen rallies reasonably well attended around the country. Not only chavismo is unable to hold simultaneous rallies across the countries, but no opposition leader is today able to do so. As such Leopoldo Lopez is now probably the top Venezuelan leader.

Does it do him any good?

This week not. The hunger strike that Lopez and Ceballos (defenestrated mayor of San Cristobal) is turning ugly and Ceballos health is already in trouble.  The Venezuelan regime has already let one hunger strike die (Brito) and there not much hope from outside as "democrats" like Thatcher or Lula have had no qualms at letting hunger strikes run their course. Many are trying to remind this to public opinion in the hope that Lopez and Ceballos will come to their senses.  In totalitarian constructs, hunger strikes are useless, and in fact, welcome. In a country were media is controlled by the regime nobody speaks of the hunger strike. If you are not on twitter you would not know much about it.

Two mayors of Voluntad Popular have been under attack. Lumay Barreto from Apure has been booted out and Guarate from Aragua had its town hall attacked by colectivos who had no qualms in throwing from the second floor journalists. It seems that the regime has decided to step up the pressure against Voluntad Popular now that it is clear that his leader , Lopez, is top dog. And it seems that many in the opposition MUD umbrella are happy to oblige though either their silence of lip service in support of Lopez.

Of course this division of the opposition is of great concern but then again its origin, for me anyway, is in the lameness of many inside that are only too willing to compromise with the regime for a few crumbles, and, most importantly that are denouncing electoral fraud after electoral fraud and yet do nothing about it. Eventually those with principles get tired of those that are, how should I put it nicely, less principled. This all started in May June 2013 when the evidence for fraud in the election of Maduro was clear and yet Capriles in the end decided to wait for yet another opportunity, not wanting to spill Venezuelan blood. This one is being spilled anyway.

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